Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Radical Worship- Sarah Liberman


  1. Hi Sarah, what an incredibly beautiful and personal story of the power of Jesus love and healing! I heard from Yvette that you are headed to a big event in the UK next month. I will be praying for you and for all who will attend. There is a Huge Uprising that is happening in the body of Christ all over the world. It is beautiful to behold. We just had our 8th Feast Of Trumpets celebration Monday night. The place was packed... and when I gave an invitation for people to come salvation or rededicate their lives over 100 people responded. It was like an Easter Service!!
    I'm looking forward, when you have the time, to write something for me about your experience of worshipping on Mount Carmel. I want to use it in a fictional book I'm writing with Bodie Thoene, a fictional book to help open people's eyes to the prophetic hour in which we now live. The years 5,777 and 5,778 are the 69th and 70th years of Israel's modern existence as you know, and have powerful prophetic significance. While we anticipate the arrival of the King Jesus (Yeshua) there is yet a large harvest to bring in. It will be quick and powerful! Blessings to you Sarah, God's precious beautiful diamond reflecting His light through you! Bless you! Pastor Ray

  2. Hi Sarah, sorry I went into so many other things in my last note... How I thank the Lord for your moving testimony, your honesty, your grace and beautiful singing! May the Lord heal multitudes through you dear sister! We miss you here in San Diego, but are so thankful you are right where the Lord wants you "for such a time as this!"

  3. I wish I could find your peace. I don't blame YAHWEH and I know he has helped and saved me so many times, but I don't want to be in this world. I just live each day waiting for Yahshua to come and take me away. Ever since he took my youngest son 14 months ago I am so lost and alone.
    I want to understand why and I know he warned me he was taking my son, but haven't fiqured out why.
    Two days before Jeremiah went into ICU (spent 3 months there) I had this dream.
    May 24th 2015
    I felt like there was criminal behavior and I went to investate. I was hiding behind something and I saw 2 people pushing a gurney. Jeremiah was on the gurney and he was crying. I felt like he was going to sacrifies himself. I ran to call for help, ran down a hall and urned right and went into an office and called for help. Then I woke up crying and praying for YAH not to hurt my son.
    He was exactly (close or to the minute) 24 years and 6 months old when I watched himtake his last breath and last heart beat.
    That Hospital murdered him by over medicating him, but so far they got away with killing him and many others so I just don't see the point in my babies death.

    1. Kittyen, I read your post, and realize what an obstacle your dealing with, and while I cannot begin to relate to your loss, I have asked similiar questions about some of the things I witnessed in the military, and also with the loss of an unborn child that my wife lost in a pregenancy some years ago. The answer that I got immediately when I challenged God on these events was that this was the price for free choice, and the consequence of sin that entered into the world upon the abuse of that choice.
      Some years latter, I layed the weight and burden of all this down, and surrender to Him; this didn't happen until I was too beat up to go on anymore, and He took the burden away that very same night with a Warmth, and Love that I'd never before had in my life.
      I realized that night that God had never had anything but good intended for me all my life!
      I'd been accusing Him all my life for things He never intended, and I'd been living in the pain created by my own sin, and the sin that had entered into the world at creation.
      He has wiped away my tears, and I know now that He has all Authority and Power to restore all things, including our children taken by a sinful world.
      Don't hold onto the pain, and don't let it seperate you from Him. He knows the pain of losing a Son!
      Please consider this Kittyen, and allow Him to give you true Shalom.

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  5. This ministered to me more than you would know.

  6. Sarah, what a beautiful testimony. My prayer is that it touches many lives broken by the sin of the world. I stumbled across your music on FB and love the place of worship it brings me to. Thank you for bringing such beauty to worship.

  7. I have a very similar testimony, Sarah...I've always loved your music and your heart for God. What a platform God gives out of for ashes, truly a great exchange.

  8. Sarah, God Bless you, for your beautiful testimony
    I heard your song < Gadol Adonai Umehulal>, it was in Hebrew, fell in love with it.. of course I could follow thru English Translation.
    Our God is Great and Mighty, ever loving and Merciful,He has picked you up to do great things - let the World know the Mighty Name of Jesus thru your songs.


  9. 1 Peter 5:7. Cast all your care on Him for He cares for you.


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